I Miss You Messages For Love

I Miss You Message: It’s a dream come true to always be with your significant other! But it can be challenging to express how deeply you feel when he or she isn’t there. Don’t be afraid to make an extra effort if your man or woman is away from you to show them how much you miss them. Tell your partner how far you would go to be there for them now! Check out the examples of “I miss you” texts below if you’re looking for romantic missing you messages to send to your partner.

I Miss You Messages


  • I keep thinking about you all the time. My heart cries out for you each time I think of you. I do miss you.
  • I miss you. I don’t want to continue living my life without you because you are a blessing to me.
  • I feel so blessed to have you, but I also hate being so far away. I sorely miss you. If you ever think of me in the misty morning, on a sunny afternoon, in the gloomy evening, or on a lonely night, know that someone is also thinking of you. I do miss you.
  • Right now, all I want to do is wrap my arms around you and hug you so tightly that you can feel the beat of my heart. I miss you.
  • Nothing hurts more than not having you here. Come back soon and give me a bear hug. My love, how I miss you.
  • I’ve grown accustomed to seeing you every day, so missing you hurts so much. I do miss you.
  • You are the rainbow in my life, and without you, everything would be pretty gloomy all the time. Princess, you are missed.
  • From the bottom of my heart, I miss you. There will be no kingdom without you because you are my king.

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  • When you’re not in my arms when I wake up, it’s difficult. Love, I miss you! The world loses its beauty without you by my side! Missing you terribly!
  • My broken soul needs a home, and you are that home for me, baby.
  • I want to hold your hand, be close to you, hug you, kiss you, and lay your head on my chest so you can feel my heartbeat beating exclusively for you. I miss you.
  • I’m puzzled as to why I miss you so much. And I’m not sure why my heart is aching to see you so badly. Perhaps it’s because I care about you.
  • The worst torture is going through the day without seeing your lovely smile!
  • When you aren’t with me, holding my hands, or providing your warmth, my world comes to a complete stop. Please always stand by my side. I miss you.
  • Missing you and being unable to see you is the most horrible feeling in the world. Do return soon.
  • I get a lonely feeling in my heart when you aren’t by my side. Please make your way home soon. I miss you.
  • Every time we used to see each other, you would give me a warm hug, which I miss. I’m hurt that you’re not here, and I do miss you. Even when I’m surrounded by a lot of people, I still feel lonely without the person I love. My love, I wish you were present. I miss you too much!
  • Without you and your love, my life would not be complete. I’ll be watching for you to return so that you can finish my life once more. You are missed and loved by me.
  • I’m hoping to see you as soon as I can because the loneliness I experienced was already intolerable. I do miss you.
  • How I long to be in your arms at this very moment! You are sorely missed, honey!
  • When your fingers are not clasped together, the space between mine feels excessively wide. I miss you.

Romantic Miss You Messages for Love

missing you message for her

  • It has become routine for me to miss you, but I still enjoy this emotion because it is connected to you. My love, I miss you.
  • My life has become so routine without you, and I miss you. Anything that brings you to mind makes me miss you more than ever.
  • Every time I think of you, my heart hurts. I keep going back over and over in my head to those wonderful moments. I want you to know that I will always love you and that no one can ever take your place, no matter where you are.
  • I wish there was a disease called missing the most attractive boy on the planet, one that could be treated, because I am currently experiencing this syndrome. I sincerely miss you.
  • I purely despise the moments because they are allowing me to miss you more and more. Please come over and give me lots of sweet kisses.
  • More than I love myself, I love you. You and I will always be together in my world. You are missed and loved by me. It’s wonderful to miss you, but I wish you were here right now so we could hug. adore you
  • You are the most beautiful song, and I will listen to it nonstop for all of eternity. I’m missing you, baby.
  • Missing you would be a gross understatement of how I currently feel about you. I want my charming boyfriend by my side all the time. No giving in.
  • It’s more than just a habit for me to miss you; it’s a serious addiction. I miss you, so please come back soon.
  • With your charm and love, you are the final piece of the puzzle that puts my life together and makes it appear flawless. Dear husband, I love you to the moon and back.
  • Our minds can be impacted by distance, but not our hearts or our love. You are missed, my love.
  • My tears have stopped flowing, and I no longer feel anything. My life has become depressing, and my smile has vanished. Come over soon and take my sorrows away. Baby, give me a tight hug and help me through this. I miss you.
  • It’s harder for me than I anticipated to be separated from you for a few days. I miss you. I’m eager to give you a bear hug.
  • Return quickly so that I don’t feel too lonely and depressed. Come back to me quickly so I can feel your love and warmth. My soul mate, how I miss you!

I Miss You Messages For Her


  • A final goodbye is always difficult, but saying goodbye to you is especially important. Right now, I’m missing you so much! I wish you were here.
  • I can’t breathe for a single second without your arms around me, your mine hands, or your tender smile in front of my eyes! I miss you.
  • When my soulmate isn’t by my side, my life feels so lacking. I miss you, baby, more than words can express! Be sure to return soon!
  • How can I express how much missing you make my heart hurt? Will you please come and relieve my pain, honey? because I miss you! You are someone I can ferociously love, cuddle up to, and have complete faith in, my sweetheart. You’re everything to me, and I miss you so much!
  • Your warmth has left my life, and I can no longer remember the nights I lay awake in my chilly bed! You are missed, my dear!
  • Even though we are far apart, you are the only person for whom my heart beats and my soul yearns. Baby, you are so loved and missed.
  • Every breath I take without you by my side is a moment I’ve lost! More than the flowers miss the sun, my love, I miss you!
  • An animal without fins or wings, such as a fish. Both a cat and a crab lack claws. You without me, and I without you. I miss you.
  • Be sure that I have sent you a thousand kisses if you feel the wind on your face because I miss you every day!
  • I have a smile on my face every day because of you. How then can I smile when my only motivation is not standing next to me? How I long to smile once more. I miss you.

miss you messages for love

  • You are sorely missed, I can’t focus because I’m missing your hugs and sweet kisses, your love and care, and all of your attention.
  • One of the hardest feelings is missing you; I can’t work, eat, or be the same person I used to be. Come back and bring joy with you. I miss you!
  • Thoughts of you are the best part of my day. But missing you is the most difficult part. How I long to be with you once more.
  • Even if there are millions of people out there, your love is the best for my soul. I’ve come to stay with you forever, and I won’t be leaving no matter what happens! I miss you despite how much I love you. I only see one face when I close my eyes. There is only you in my thoughts when I am lost, and I adore you so much!
  • The times we spent together gave me the energy I need to carry on with my life, but the truth is that loneliness is killing me. I’m not sure how much longer I can put up with this. My dear, I miss you so much!
  • I adore giving you hugs but dread saying goodbye. While I enjoy saying hello, I detest saying goodbye. I enjoy seeing you approach me, but I detest seeing you leave. I miss you.
  • How many days are there now? I still find myself daydreaming about you. What would I not sacrifice to return to the past? How am I supposed to describe to you what’s going on in my head?
  • It has been a while since our last conversation. When I think of you, sometimes I get emotional because I miss you so much. But when I recall my favorite incident with you, I smile while crying.
  • I get emotional when I think about you. Humans’ desires in life have no limits. There is no end to yearning, but you are the only thing I yearn for.
  • Every time I think of you, my mind becomes a sea of ideas. I won’t ever be able to forget you. Please make a quick return. I miss you.
  • I need to hear your sweet voice because my mind is racing. How can I explain the mind’s language to you? How can I best convey the depth of my passion to you? I wish you were aware of how much I miss you.
  • I can no longer bear the separation between us. Without you, I have nothing else to consider. I miss you.
  • I lack the words to adequately convey how much I love you. Some of my favorite times were when I was with you. I miss you.

I Miss You Messages For Him

Missing You Messages

  • I heard someone speaking to me out of the blue. Nobody was there when I looked. Then I realized that the “I miss you” that was coming from my heart.
  • When I’m grieving over you, I gaze at the sky. Even though I know I won’t run into you there, it gives me comfort to consider that we share the same sky. Why do you live so far from me?
  • I saw you in the sun, I saw you in the rain, and I saw you under a starry sky. The way these days come and go makes me think of you. You are missed, dear.
  • Hey love, each second that passes without you with me makes it harder to bear the pain! You have no idea how much I miss you! Honey, I can’t possibly live a day without you because I yearn for your touch, need your love, and miss your smile. I do miss you!
  • You’re not here to make me happy, so whenever I think about you, I feel lost and depressed. Please come to me so I won’t have to keep missing you.
  • When I am awake, I consider you. I have dreams about you when I’m asleep. You are ingrained in every fiber of my existence! I can’t help but miss you.
  • Living without you is preferable to dying in your love. My dear, how I love and miss you. Return to me!
  • I’m thinking of you as I say that. It would be an understatement, in your opinion. You don’t understand how I’m feeling right now or how much I miss you.
  • Sometimes I wish I were the stars and you were the moon so that I wouldn’t have to worry about missing you. However, I’m missing you right now.
  • I love you a lot and miss you with every heartbeat and eyeblink. Please come back, or I won’t be able to handle it.
  • I need a cure for missing someone right now, so I hope there is one. I believe you to be my only remedy. You are now needed, honey. You see, I have a huge hole in my heart, and the only thing that can fill it is the love you show me every day. Think of it as an emergency and come over here. I need your love, please. I do miss you.


  • Without you, I’m like a puzzle with pieces missing. I must be whole to fill the void. Baby, I’m missing you.
  • Every time you see me, you give me a tender hug, and I miss it. Right now, I want to be with you. I do miss you.
  • My pillow can no longer make up for your shoulder on which I rest my head and your tight embrace. I miss you.
  • I visited the doctor to get treated for my “missing you” disease. He told you to give me two hugs and one kiss three times a day. You must now give me my medication. I miss you.
  • I never imagined that a feeling could be stronger than pain, that a hiccup could be more painful than pain, and that I could lose myself in the thought of you not being here. I am letting myself go because I miss you.
  • Nothing hurts more than when you turn a blind eye. Please approach me and give me a powerful hug. I do miss you. When you are not here, I feel exposed to all the issues, challenges, and misfortunes of the world. Baby, I miss you. I do miss you.
  • Without you, a house is not a house. Whenever I miss you, I think back to our pleasant memories. You are irreplaceable, my love. My life is dull, unhappy, and sad without you. I miss you.

missing you love messages

  • You should be by my side. I miss you so much, you have no idea. This hurt is intolerable. There isn’t a moment that goes by that you aren’t on my mind.
  • My heart aches when I wake up in the morning and can’t see your face. In those moments, I want to run and give you a big hug, but I can’t because you aren’t here. My dear, I miss you so much.
  • Somewhere, the defeated mind is thinking of you. No matter how hard I try, I can’t forget about you. Right now, I’m looking forward to spending time with you. I miss you.
  • I now understand what a great illusion the illusion of the mind is. I keep looking for you because of this. I miss you despite how busy I am.

Emotional Missing You Message

emotional missing you message

  • Without your sweet presence, life seems pretty dull and lacking. Be my adventure partner and save me from my never-ending boredom. Very much miss you.
  • Whenever you are not here with me, I suffocate. I truly miss you. It would be nice to have you here.
  • I feel like a huge piece of myself is missing because you aren’t here by my side. I do miss you.
  • My heart is so close to breaking into a hundred pieces from missing my baby. Please come back to me.
  • When you are not with me, I can make an educated guess as to what the hell looks like. You are missed, my love.
  • Although we are separated by oceans, our hearts will always be connected. I cannot believe how much I miss you.
  • You swore to stick by my side until death separates us. I just wanted to remind you. I miss you, my sweet husband.
  • I wish I could teleport to you there right now. I miss my loved ones with all of my heart. When you are not by my side, I feel empty. Without you, life is so monotonous. I miss you and wish you were here.
  • I’m hoping you’ll return soon. It hurts me to not be able to see you. I do miss you.
  • It hurts so much that I don’t see you when I wake up every morning. I miss you.
  • Every time I consider you not by my side, my heart aches. Love, please return soon!
  • Without you, a day feels like a decade, and your house feels like purgatory. Dear wifey, please leave with my unwavering love and return. I miss you.
  • I need to get rid of the coldness in my heart quickly because being apart from you makes it come back. Would you kindly use your touch to remove all the unpleasant feelings? Love you.
  • Since your warmth left my life, I don’t know how many times I’ve stayed up late in my chilly bed. I miss you.
  • I think about you constantly. I keep thinking about you all the time. Without you, my life has become meaningless. I miss you.

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